This tool can be used to calculate your mortgage budget.

See below for input and output translated to English.  

Bruto jaarinkomen: gross annual salary

Partner: yes or no

Koopprijs: purchase price

Eigen geld: savings you want to use for your home purchase

Rentevast periode: fixed interest rate period

Soort hypotheek: type of mortgage (annuity or linear)

Maximaal o.b.v. laagste rente: Maximum mortgage given lowest available interest rate

Maximaal o.b.v. AFM toetsrente: Maximum mortgage given Financial Markets Authority reference interest rate

Benodigde hypotheek (incl. kosten): Mortgage needed for the indicated purchase price (incl. costs)

Er is nog € ... extra eigen geld nodig: You will need to use € ... of your savings for the purchase

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