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You can contact us when you are exploring buying a house and want to check what your mortgage budget is. Or when you've already spotted your dream home and are in thinking to put an offer in. We will guide you through the entire process; from the point when you're exploring your mortgage budget to when you're ready to sign the deed of transfer. The 4 steps below show how the mortgage trajectory works. 


For expats, we offer a few extra services. For example, we can help you find a good notary and/or realtor. Or arrange an appraisal report (commonly required by mortgage lenders), a structural survey or arrange relevant insurances for you. And last but not least, we can give you information on expat relevant tax rules and house-relevant tax breaks in the Netherlands.  

We also offer a full-service option for expats. This includes filling in your next year's tax application (only possible if you're an employee). Also, we will assist you in checking your house-relevant legal documents (purchase agreement, house transfer deed, mortgage deed). Check here for the fees for our expat service

step 1

To determine your budget, you can make a first (free-of-charge) appointment with us. During this appointment, we want to get to know you, your wishes and your financial situation. We will make a first analysis of amongst others how much you can borrow. After our appointment, you will receive a report with our analyses. 

The goal of this first meeting is to make some first analyses of your mortgage options, and to see whether we can be of service to you. Also, we will explain our mortgage advice service options and costs, and how we work. After this first meeting, you can decide whether to start your mortgage trajectory with us. No matter what you choose, this meeting will be free of charge to you. 

step 2

In this step, we will do a thorough analysis of your personal and financial situation. The main question is: given your (current and future) situation and your personal preferences, what mortgage type and conditions suit you best? And which provider has the best price? We will also check if you can still afford your house and lifestyle in case of disability, unemployment, retirement, etc. For these scenario's we will check whether you might need additional insurances.  

You will get all our analyses in an easy-to-read report, so that ​you can take your time to reread and think about it some more. After you've made your decision which mortgage and insurances to take out, we will start the application process for you. 

step 3

When the offer from the mortgage provider is in, we do a final check. When everything's allright and you have signed the offer, you can make your appointment with the notary for the transfer of your new home!

With an own home, the process from steps 2–4 takes about 2–6 weeks. If you are an entrepreneur, the process can take a little longer. For buy-to-let mortgages, you should count on 4–8 weeks.  

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