our values 

Hypotheek voor jou is a new style mortgage advisor. What does that mean? Our focus is on good and honest advice, as well as transparency. Because of that, we can promise you the following:

1.   good and honest advice

We want to give you good and honest mortgage advice. Quality advice that makes sure the mortgage you select will be the best choice for you pricewise, but also given your personal situation and preferences. Our university-trained advisors will think along with you critically along each step of the mortgage process, so that we can always make smart choices. We will also always give you honest advice and never advice you a product unless it's truly beneficial to you. 

2.  clear language, easy to use

The mortgage application process can somethimes be rather complex and bothersome. We want to do things differently. Clear language and easy-to-read reports. Although the application process may take some time and effort, our clear intructions for the application documents will, for example, will make the application process as easy and efficient as possible for you. 

3.  fair and transparent pricing

We believe that good mortgage advice can be given for a fair price. Using efficient tooling and automated processes we save on quite some time. This is directly reflected in our lower prices. Also, we are completely transparent in our pricing. Good and fair prices, without a need to negotiate on prices. 

4.  a large and independent selection of mortgage providers

We are able to provide mortgages and insurances from most mortgage providers and insurance companies active in the Netherlands. We are completely independent, so that we can always choose the best mortgage or insurance for you. 

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