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Our fees are for advice and closing, and includes services for life insurances and bank guarantuees connected to the mortgage.

We also offer a full-service option for expats. This includes filling in your next year's tax application (only when you're an employee). And  we will assist you with checking your house-relevant legal documents (purchase agreement, house transfer deed, mortgage deed). The additional fee for the full-service option is € 500,-.

For more complex cases (entrepreneurs, self-builds/CPO, income from abroad) there is an additional fee. For entrepreneurs and independent consultants the additional fee is € 300,- (€ 600,- with 2 or more companies). With mortgages for entrepreneurs the mortgage lender may require an external income appraisal . In that case, the costs of the external income appraisal (€ 250 – 500) will have to be added to the total costs as well. For self-builds (not new-builts), collective self-builds (CPO) and income from abroad the additional fee will depend on the complexity of the case. The additional costs will always be communicated to you beforehand. 

All fees are including VAT and fully deductible from Dutch income taxes (except for buy-to-let fees). For additional services that are not part of the standard mortgage application process, our hourly fee is € 125,- per hour excluding VAT. 

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